When advising clients, we consider the needs of the whole
family, particularly the children, and endeavour to minimise
conflict and encourage communication between separating partners.

Nevertheless, we also recognise that sometimes communication between separating parties is strained, or one party is uncooperative, and some cases need urgent court action.   

In those cases, we will act quickly to initiate Court proceedings so that our clients do not waste their time and money on futile correspondence and so that cases don’t take years to resolve.  We will act vigorously to protect your interests if important issues cannot be resolved by communication and reasonable discussion.

We will provide you with realistic and straightforward advice in such a way that you fully understand the proceedings and are in full control of the decisions you make.   

We will deal with your case thoughtfully, professionally and with care.

We will keep you immediately informed of any developments in your case and will endeavour to return all your calls on the same day they are made.


Having a formal separation is important, so that you can move on with your life with the certainty that your former partner cannot make a claim against your assets years later or unilaterally change a parenting agreement.


You can separate from your partner, separate your assets and decide on parenting arrangements without getting a divorce, however you will still be legally tied to your former partner and cannot remarry.  Divorce separates you legally and finally.


Parents often don’t know that they have not entirely reached agreement on parenting arrangements until disagreements arise on less regular situations, like an important family event that occurs on the other parent’s time, school holidays or Christmas.  New blended families after one parent repartners may also complicate things.

Parenting Orders ensure that all circumstances are considered to minimise disagreements.


If you and your former spouse can reach agreement, it is quicker and more cost effective to contain that agreement in consent orders which are just as enforceable as a decision made by the court.


If you have been financially dependent on your spouse and cannot afford to support yourself, you may be eligible to receive spousal maintenance, which is a regular payment from your spouse.  


Commencing a new relationship and concerned that they may be able to make a claim against your assets after a few years.  There are agreements we can draft which will protect your current and future assets from claims made by partners.


Binding Financial Agreements can be used to protect your assets for claims against your partners, or for settling property matters quickly without having to file court documents.  

They are particularly helpful for agreements which would not necessarily be accepted by the Courts.


If you have experienced domestic violence, whether during the relationship or after separation you may be able to prevent this violence by applying for an intervention order.   Examples include verbal abuse and abusive emails or texts.  Breaches of an intervention order are treated as a criminal offence.


Often a child support assessment is unfair and can be overturned, particularly if the spouse is self-employed and is unreporting his/her income.  Aberdeen Lawyers can provide advice on whether a child support assessment could be challenged.

Can I afford it?

We appreciate that family law cases can take a while to resolve, and the costs can escalate unexpectedly, so at the commencement of the case, we will provide you with a likely estimate of your costs and guide you on the best way of Minimising those costs.

Read about our client’s experiences.

We focus on working together with our clients, so that the result is one we are both happy with.

Great lawyers, highly recommended
Vjollca Dervishi
Vjollca Dervishi
When I first visited Aberdeen Lawyers I was scared and emotional, as soon as I met with Suzanne all my fears went away, she has this kind of magic to her that I can not explain. I can not whole heartdly recommend Suzanne at Aberdeen Lawyers enough! Suzanne made me feel like I was speaking to a good friend she made me feel welcomed and justified all my feelings, I was with Suzanne in my matter for a year and honestly she has become like family now. At every point in my case Suzanne walked me through it she made me laugh when I wanted to just cry. I have not met a most caring lawyer in my life and I've been through quite a few. I owe Suzanne my life. Thank you Aberdeen Lawyers- special mention to AnnMarie who went above and beyond for me also!
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly
Easy relationship with our conveyancers as we were first time property sellers. All calls were returned in a timely manner, and settlement was made easy for us!
Sally Mannix
Sally Mannix
I first went to see Suzanne more than 3 years ago for what should have been a straight forward property settlement. I had no idea at that time just how complicated things were going to get. While I was having a lot of emotional breakdowns, Suzanne always remained calm and dealt with each new issue as they came up. While Suzanne was always professional, she was also very caring and empathetic at the same time. Her “can do” attitude and determination to do her absolute best for her client really stood out from that very first appointment. Suzanne and Vittoria were always available for a “calming” chat and, I can tell you, I needed plenty of them. Andre was very helpful and professional in dealing with another part of my property settlement, also having to deal with issues but able to get things done. I know that the reason I still have my home (with no more fear of ever losing it) is 100% due to Suzanne and her wonderful team. A big heartfelt thank you to you all, you are amazing! I would recommend Aberdeen lawyers to anyone, and I have!!!
Collette Marshall
Collette Marshall
I Consulted with Emmanuel Kefalas for my Divorce & Property Settlement. Kind, Considerate & Knowledgeable with Family Law matters. Emmanuel has a soft tone and was compassionate which made a big difference to my mental state at the time. I appreciated that he wrapped up the settlement as soon the opportunity emerged, no delays ! Thank you. I highly recommend a consultation with Aberdeen Lawyers
Jayne Cassar
Jayne Cassar
Suzanne and the team at Aberdeen Lawyers were supportive, professional, reassuring and compassionate throughout my recent emotionally stressful case. I was guided through every step of the legal process. They were by my side the whole way through. I highly recommend Aberdeen Lawyers. Thankyou Suzanne for your guidance and support.
Rebecca Shill
Rebecca Shill
Thank you to Suzanne and AnnMarie from Aberdeen Lawyers for all their hard work on my Family Court Matter. You were very professional and knowledgeable when it come to Family Law. I appreciate all the support you have given myself.
walter fiedler
walter fiedler
I highly recommend Aberdeen Lawyers, as they helped me settle a long and ongoing property dispute with a very good outcome in my favour and I could not be happier. Big thanks to Val and Suzanne
Vasanthi Christina Jayasingh Lazarus
Vasanthi Christina Jayasingh Lazarus
I went through a very difficult (to say the least) and traumatic children custody court case for 2 years. Emmanuel from Aberdeen lawyers was referred by one of my friend, who was going through his own case at the time. He too had only great things to testify about this law firm. Right from the time I made an appointment for the initial consultation, starting from Vittoria, in the reception, everyone in the law firm were very warm and empathetic. Emmanuel is a very genuine lawyer, who listens and wants the best outcome for his clients. He makes time whenever needed and is always available to discuss any aspect of the case, however small it maybe. He is always reachable and returns calls and emails promptly. The one thing that really stood out for me about him was that he never once during the whole process made any claims or promises to just make it look good or easy. I’m really grateful to him for getting us across the line with a positive outcome. He took me through every step of the process patiently and provided the much needed moral support I needed to get out of the traumatic experience. I would highly recommend Emmanuel and Aberdeen lawyers for their professionalism!!!

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