We consider the needs of the whole family, particularly the children, when advising our clients and endeavour to minimise conflict and encourage communication between separating partners.

Nevertheless, we also recognise that some cases need urgent court action and we will not hesitate to initiate Court proceedings and act vigorously to protect your interests, if important issues cannot be resolved by communication and reasonable discussion.

We will provide you with realistic and straightforward advice in such a way that you fully understand the proceedings and are in full control of the decisions you make. We will deal with your case thoughtfully, professionally and with care.

We will keep you in the loop with any developments in your case and endeavour to return all your calls on the same day they are made.

We appreciate that family law cases can take a while to resolve, and the costs can escalate unexpectedly, so at the commencement of the case, we will provide you with a likely estimate of your costs and guide you on the best way of Minimising those costs.

We focus on working together with our clients, so that the result is one we are both happy with. Read about our client’s experiences in our testimonials section