We specialise in commercial assistance for small businesses or individuals looking to start a small business. We will guide you through the maze of contracts, leases, franchise and licence agreements, partnership and joint venture agreements and any small business contract in general.

Our aim is to help you understand exactly what you’re entering into and once you fully understand the terms of the contract, to be able to make informed choices about any contract or business you are prepared to invest your time, effort and money into.

We are also experienced in drafting ‘family contracts’ for people loaning money to other family members, or starting a business with other family members, so that there is no misunderstanding that could lead to a loss of more important things than money.

Liquor licences are usually looked upon by the restaurateur as being a nightmare task, but with the right expertise, they can be quite simple and relatively inexpensive.

If you are looking to increase revenue in your restaurant by introducing a liquor licence, contact us and we will take the stress out of obtaining a liquor licence for you.